November 8, 2016


Why should YOU participate in TechFest?

● Discover promising startup projects.

● Getting up to date with the latest technological trend.

● Getting access to product or technology updates which are effective or cost savings for production and business.

● Seeking for a chance to be selected and met with potential investors.

● Having an overview of market with the presence of investors, potential customers, etc.

How can YOU register?

Please register in the link:

How much are we charging for TECHFEST 2016 participation?

All the benefits above are provided to you AT NO COST!

For startups: TECHFEST Organizer will inform if your company is qualified for joining the event after throughly evaluating your company’s information.

How can you connect with business?

We provide candidates with an opportunity to take part in job fair with 2 options:

Option 1:

● Create an account and recruitment profile in

● Job searching and apply.

Option 2:

● Bring your CVs to directly apply for the desired job at the event.

● Get advices from recruitment expert from MyWork Vietnam.

● Meet recruiters in their Booth area.