November 13, 2016

Startup Discovery Contest – Finale Candidates

After careful selection from Eliminations round of Vietnam Silicon Valley Project and the Open pitch on Saturday (12th Nov), we are very delightful to announce these following teams to join the Startup Discovery Contest (from 1:30-5:00 pm, Sunday 13th Nov at Milenium Room 1):

1. Checkit Pte Ltd
2. WeFit
4. Link me In Guides
5. Make a Difference
6. Expertrans Global
7. Wedidit Solutions
8. Shutta
9. VP9 Vietnam
10. Design Bold
12. Hachi
13. Apoup
15. Ekid
16. Ship60
17. Tay may to mo

All teams please gather at 1:30 pm at the main stage. Pitching order will be determined by a random draw.

Congratulations to the finale candidates and welcome you all to join us on the Competition and Closing ceremony this afternoon!