August 4, 2016


Benefits when you come to Techfest 2016

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● Opportunity to meet successful business founders who create significant changes in the world and also in Vietnam

● Opportunity for startups to elevate their business to the new level of development by:

–   Connecting them with partners who are searching for customers, investors, organizations supporting startups and media. TechFest 2015 attracted more than 50 investors, including 20 domestic investors, 30 venture capital funds and popular incubators in the world

–   Providing workshops in different technology fields for startups to access to latest information of technology trends, improve pitching skill, participate in startup competition, etc.

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● Opportunity for investors to meet leading innovative startups in Vietnam and in Asia. Startups participating in products/ services exhibition and investor meetings are successful ones in the market or young enterprises with potential products

● Opportunity for startups in technology field and investors to get access to leaders of Ministries, agencies and update information of Government’s policies to support the startup ecosystem

● Opportunity for media and attendees to get access to representative startup stores. TechFest 2016 will take place during 02 days with interesting contents and impressive startup stories of leading innovative enterprises; information and demonstration of technology products that are about to enter the market; information of successful models in the world to support startups